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Most of the time a lot of owners just want to ask a vet a quick question and the information you find isn’t always the right answer for what you are looking for from a trained and experienced vet.

Don’t worry about what you ask, we have vets from all different backgrounds and specialties including:

  • Cats and Dogs
  • Exotics
  • Farm Animals
  • Anything...

Your animals’ information is always saved so you can ask a question about them at anytime. If you have a farm, or even several farms, you can add these to your account with all the necessary details as well.

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Our vets are selected based on experience, personality and what species they treat.

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Don’t go to the pet store to ask about vet related questions. Get proper answers right here.


It’s between you and our vets, no one else can intervene.

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  • Be able to write 1 question to a vet with a response within 24 hours.
  • Questions can be used at anytime, do not have to be asked all at once.
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  • Questions can be used at anytime, do not have to be asked all at once.
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What People Ask About


General dog and cat questions

Farm Animals

Horses, Cows, Chickens, Sheep, Pigs, Goats, etc


Rabbits, Birds, Aquatics,
Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, etc

Sick Animals

Upload photos and videos with anything about sick animals


Smelly mouth? Ask a vet


Struggling with arhitits? There are a lot of options


Food and snack questions where nutritional vets are on hand to respond


Perfect responses for training your animals

Weight Management

Too chubby or skinny? Send info and we can help you out


Get an opinion about the right medications for their disease

New Pets

When you take them home we’re here to help

Senior Pets

Age is never easy, we are here to help with the difficult times

Our Dedicated Vets

Dr Duncan BVSc

Experienced in

GP, Emergency, Nutrition,

Dr Ashley DVM

Experienced in

Emergency and Critical Care Veterinarian

Dr Jonny BVSc

Experienced in

General Practice Veterinarian

Dr Ben BVSc

Experienced in

Equine Veterinarian

Our Dedicated Vets

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Will the vet be able to resolve my pet issues?
Is it free to ask a vet questions?
Who are the consulting vet?
Is my chatting private with the vet?
What happens if I don’t get a response?

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